Social Engagement


We take our Social Responsibility seriously. That’s why we support various social projects.


  • Buntkicktgut
    Team spirit, diversity, fun in the game: street soccer league “buntkicktgut” (“colourfulkicksgreat”) brings together children from all cultures and social strata. Since its foundation in 1997, the organisation has stood for peaceful coexistence and the transmission of social values through sport. It is also increasingly concerned with the integration of refugees – on and off the pitch.



  • Special Olympics
    The Special Olympics and Sky work together to help children and young people with intellectual disabilities discover their athletic potential. Through playful competitions and projects at special schools, the kids are introduced to sports such as swimming, table tennis and track and field, gaining new experiences that will bolster them throughout their lives.



  • Active Learning
    The award-winning concept of Active Learning combines a free lunch with learning and sports. But the scope of work conducted by Active Learning includes many more areas to help children and young people develop their personalities. Active Learning shows young people opportunities, supports them in their daily learning processes and helps them achieve great things in school, sports and life.



  • Franziska van Almsick Schwimmkids
    Children love water. Nevertheless, according to DLRG, every second child in Germany still cannot swim properly at the age of ten. Drowning is therefore also the second most frequent accidental cause of death in children. The “kids’ swimming course” project launched by Franziska van Almsick is intended to reduce the number of water accidents. The right techniques can save lives.



  • Caritas Käfig League
    The Käfig League (Cage League) is an intercultural street football project for kids between the ages of 6 and 14 that takes place in Viennese football cages. Taking up the diverse social, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds of the children, integration and inclusion is promoted and attempts are made to contribute to peaceful and appreciative coexistence by conveying central social values such as fairness, mutual respect and tolerance.