Premiere: Decisive phase in the fight against the organized theft of rights

• NDS Videoguard® download followed by smartcard swap
• Phased download for twelve different receiver models
• Premiere recommendation: Switch on receiver around one hour before start of program
• Seger: “Security gap closed soon / No Premiere reception without subscription”
• Customer-friendly switch: Fully automatic

Munich, August 5, 2008. The final phase to combat the illegal theft of rights has begun. In the last few months Premiere has developed and successfully tested an extensive security package together with its encryption partners NDS Videoguard and Nagravision to ensure that all pirate viewers will be greeted with a blank screen soon. The second phase of this project, during which the smartcards of satellite customers will be swapped, started yesterday (Monday). This phase is scheduled to be completed by the end of the third quarter. All receivers that can be updated to NDS Videoguard® will now be configured with a new software (list of receivers enclosed). At intervals of a few days, the different receiver models will consecutively receive an update. Hans Seger, Chief Program and Technology Officer at Premiere: “We are right on schedule, the conversion is going ahead at full steam. The security gap will be closed this fall reliably and sustainably, Premiere will then only be available to Premiere subscribers!” The first receiver model to be updated, the HUMAX PDR-9700, will receive a new encryption software today.

Soon: Premiere reception no longer possible with hacked receivers
Premiere is following a dual strategy to close the current security gap in the encryption system: To combat criminal hackers, the pay-TV broadcaster is working with the two global leaders in encryption NDS and Nagravision. Seger: “Anyone who has purchased a hacked receiver will soon realize that they cannot view Premiere any longer. If they want to watch Premiere they should buy a Premiere-enabled receiver and buy a Premiere package the legal way – anything else is just a waste of money.”

At the same time, Premiere warns all retailers who sell patchable receivers. Not only will customers soon complain when they find out that the receivers are practically worthless, Premiere will also take all legal steps against the criminal theft of rights, including all measures under criminal law and significant damage claims. Seger: “The theft of rights is no trivial offence. We will take full legal action in every individual case – we owe that to our shareholders and to all Premiere customers.”

Smartcard switch made easy and free for Premiere subscribers
Changing the encryption system using a smartcard switch is a highly complex procedure for a pay-TV operator and one which places great demands on the technology, processes and logistics. Premiere has therefore developed a phased plan to swap the smartcards. To avoid any possible waiting times in the reception of programming, Premiere recommends its subscribers with satellite reception to switch on the receiver around one hour before the start of a program until they have received the automatic update. Subscribers can receive information on the exact start of the software update for the individual receiver models daily at

The change of the encryption system is being implemented in the easiest possible way for Premiere subscribers. After the automatic update, a toll-free telephone number will appear on subscribers’ TV screens, with which they contact Premiere directly to request their new smartcard. Customers will naturally be able to continue viewing their Premiere programming as normal until they receive their new smartcard.
Premiere will be sending all other satellite customers a new smartcard automatically by mail. Alongside satellite customers, all subscribers of smaller private cable network operators (smartcards with the identification code P01 to P04) will also be switched to the new Nagravision system.

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Smartcard switch: These receivers will receive a software update
The operating software of the following receiver models will be updated consecutively in the course of the smartcard swap (alphabetical listing, not chronological). Subscribers can get information on the exact start of the software update for the individual receiver models regularly at
• Humax PR-Fox
• Humax NA-Fox
• Humax PDR-9700
• Humax PR-HD1000
• Imperial PNS
• Philips DSR 2010
• Philips DSR 2011
• Premiere Interaktiv-Receiver Philips DIS2221
• Premiere Interaktiv-Receiver Thomson DSI12PRE
• Technisat Digit PR-S
• Technisat Digital PR-S
• Telestar Diginova 2PNS