May our values be with you.

We have defined our company values on the basis of our vision – these values are the guiding principles for both our employees and our management and that we are constantly working on: Just like our program, we don’t take breaks.



The Power of us


We respect and trust each other!

We are a team and not a bunch of lone rangers!

We communicate openly and support each other!

We work towards a common goal and treat each other fairly!


Challenging the Status Quo


We are innovative and creative!
We create the future of television and are not afraid to take risks!
We are flexible and react quickly!
We are curious!


High Performance Culture

We set goals and are working hard to achieve them!
We take responsibility for what we do and reward outstanding performance!
We support each other’s development with regular and honest feedback!


We want to win! And that's what drives us to improve every single day!


Making People Smile

We are passionate about what we do!
We are proud of what we do and celebrate our successes!
We face new challenges head on!
We are excited about what’s up next!