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Sky Go

With Sky Go, customers can enjoy their favourite programmes wherever they are – whether at home, on a second TV set, or via the internet on the computer. Subscribers can also enjoy the Sky programme on mobile devices like the iPad or iPhone wherever and whenever they want.
This and much more – with Sky Go.

Sky Go on another TV set
Different Sky programmes on two TV sets in the same household

Sometimes, a football match you can’t miss is broadcast at the same time as your favourite TV series. Or mum wants to see an eagerly-awaited blockbuster at the same time as the children want to watch an exciting animal documentary. With Sky Go, the endless discussion about the remote control comes to an end: family members, roommates or partners in the same household can experience two different Sky programmes at the same time.

One main subscription and one Sky Go subscription
Customers can obtain a second smart card against a one-time activation charge. If desired, they can also receive a second receiver (SD, HD or Sky+) against an additional fee. With this, they can watch their entire programme offering on a second TV – whether in the party room, in the bedroom or in the children’s room.

Result of a market research survey:
Number of TV sets in Germany

Total of population: 1.4 TV sets per household
Sky subscribers: 1.8 TV sets per household
Source: TNS Infratest 2010)
Sky Go on the Web
Sky programming on a computer

Sky Go on the web makes it possible to enjoy the Sky TV experience on a computer. Via the website Sky Go on the web is available everywhere in Germany and Austria where access to the internet is possible. The website is user-friendly and well-structured and presents all major programme highlights at a glance. Viewers can choose from a large selection of films and sports events on-demand or they can select their favourite live sports event. If they miss a broadcast, Sky Go makes it possible to catch up on the web around the clock at the time that is most convenient for the viewers. Customers can register on the website using their customer number and Sky PIN. Subscribers can then access the content that matches their subscribed packages on the web, live or on-demand:
The offering comprises a large selection from the Sky packagesFilm, Sport, and Fußball Bundesliga.


The offer comprises the sports events of the Sky Sport channels including the football Bundesliga, the UEFA Champions League, the DFB Cup, the UEFA Europa League, the Austrian Bundesliga, ice-hockey, tennis, and golf as well as our magazines and live shows.

Live sports and events are available on-demand on the web after broadcast. A large selection of films of the Sky Film channels can also be found here. Film trailers, descriptions, categories and top 10 listings round off the service offering.

Sky Go on the iPad and iPhone
Exclusive Live Sports on the iPad and iPhone.

Sky presents live sports in HD on the iPad.
With the Sky Go App, you can experience Sky live sports “on the go”. The channels Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport 2, Sky Fußball Bundesliga, Sky Sport HD, Sky Sport HD 2 and Sky Sport Austria are available on the Sky Go App via Wifi – including the corresponding optional feeds. The Sky Go App offering includes all matches of the first and second football Bundesliga as well as the matches of the UEFA Champions League and the DFB Cup plus international football such as the top matches of the English Premier League. The Sky Go App experience is rounded off with the largest international golf events, the best matches of German ice-hockey league DEL, tennis and much more. The channels Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport 2 and Sky Sport Austria are also available via 3G. All Sky content that is accessed on the go has to be part of the main subscription.

The functionalities of the Sky Go App comprise the following: Sky live sport, topical sports news, video clips, data centres with all important results, charts, and club profiles as well as the most important background information on national and international sports events. With the Sky Go App, Sky customers have access to the fascinating world of the Sky live sport offering on the iPad via WiFi and 3G.

Live Sport on the iPhone and iPod Touch
The Sky Go App is also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The channels Sky Sport 1, Sky Sport 2 and Sky Sport Austria as well as the optional sports feeds are available on the go via the Sky Go Mobile App. In addition, exclusive sports video clips are featured. Sky customers can use the Sky Go Mobile App for iPhone and iPod Touch via WiFi and 3G.
Downloads of mobile Apps in Germany
2009: 425m
2010: 900m (+112%)
(Source: BITKOM 2010)

Sales volume of tablet PCs in Germany
2010: 0.8m
2011: 1.5m (forecast)
(Source: BITKOM 2010)

Live Sport as on TV
- all matches of the first and second football
Bundesliga (iPad with WiFi connection required)
- the best of the UEFA Champions League,
DFB Cup, UEFA Europa League, and Premier League
- all major golf tournaments
- all DEL top matches and much more

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